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7 months topical steroid withdrawal

Ooze, ooze and more ooze…that’s what the past month has been in a nutshell. There hasn’t been a single day I was completely ooze-free! The worst parts were the folds of my arms, my neck and cleavage, my wrists and…my nipples. Yes, even nipples can ooze, apparently. And it is a particularly difficult area to treat,… Continue reading 7 months topical steroid withdrawal


6 months topical steroid withdrawal

The past few weeks have been HORRIBLE! The 23th of November, I had an appointment with my derm who also saw that Elidel (or any other topical cream whatsoever) wasn’t effective enough. She suggested a more systemic treatment instead, with two options: cortisone pills or the oral immunosuppressant Neoral (Ciclosporine). The first option was obviously… Continue reading 6 months topical steroid withdrawal