1 year topical steroid withdrawal

It’s been one year since I quit using topical steroids to treat my eczema, yay!

Time for a party I’d say!!


Eh…well, maybe later, because I am kind of in the middle of my finals right now. That’s also the reason I will keep this post short, ’cause I can’t waste my precious study time can I? I might create a more extensive post later, when I have more time on my hands.

My skin is still stable, so not much new stuff I can tell you. I must say that my facial skin has been clearer and smoother than ever though! Is this the work of Neoral? Is it because of my increased exposure to sunlight and vitamin D? Not sure what it is, but I’m glad. Your face is the first thing you show to the world, right?

A few other small things:

  • I’m a little bit more itchy at night again, but that’s probably because of my hayfever. I like to leave the windows open in our appartment so I’ve got a lot of pollen flying in lately! And it’s way too hot here in Belgium these past few days to vacuum daily.
  • I occasionally have these small pimples on various body parts. I’ve noticed them on my arms, legs, cleavage and belly (and yeah, on my face too obviously, but that’s not that “exceptional”).  I already noticed these the past month and I definitely also used to have them when my skin was super inflamed. The fluid that comes out of it isn’t clear or anything though. It’s usually white, sticky and somewhat thick in texture, like the typical face pimple. I don’t take my Epsom salt or bleach baths often anymore (it’s honestly too warm for that), so maybe that’s why.
  • Since the temperatures are rising, I tend to sweat again. Just normal sweating. Not the crazy (night) sweats that I used to have even in the winter, thank god! It does still irritate my skin a bit, but not drastically.

That was it! As usual, I will post pictures of my skin as it was this morning below 🙂


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