8 months topical steroid withdrawal

The first week of January, my skin was better than ever! Barely any redness, wounds or ooze. Quite smooth….I honestly forgot what that was like. I thought the meds were FINALLY working. But after that week, it all came back. Like, why? I started to suspect the culprit to be hormonal, as my “good” skin came with my period. Which is actually weird because at the time I wasn’t using the birth control pill (Yaz, to be more specific), my eczema always peaked around my period! Coincidence? I’m not sure. I’ll have to see whether the same pattern repeats itself next month.

Anyway, after approximately 2 weeks of non stop oozing, a lot of bathing (I’ve discovered Epsom salt and it’s a great addition to my chloramine baths! They really help clear my skin up) and a fair share of distress, I had an appointment with my dermatologist. As I hoped, she put me on a higher dose: I now take 250mg of Neoral a day instead of 150.

Things quickly got better after this! The overall condition of my skin improved: it has gotten better in terms of redness, dryness, irritation, sweating, … . My nipples were the first to stop oozing, and my neck and armfolds were next. The last two are still a bit of a problem area, but I’m already so happy that the terrible ooze is gone! Because honestly, that was limiting me tremendously. My life has been put on hold the last few months, so I really hope my skin keeps on improving so that I can live it (somewhat) fully again 🙂 I’ve noticed that I’m more happy and productive already! I also sleep a bit better, which probably helps.


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