11 months topical steroid withdrawal

Honestly, I don’t have much news to share with you this month. And that is a good sign right? Since it means that my skin is still stable! Stress has made me flare from time to time and will probably keep doing so the upcoming months (ugh, finals!), but it’s manageable. I’m still on Neoral, with the same daily dose of 250mg.

Oh, have I told you that I have started wearing “normal” clothes again? Mainly cotton, but still! I remember walking around in my jogging almost daily, because I just couldn’t bear my skinny jeans anymore. The sweat, the irritation, the itch! It was horrifying. Ever since my lovely jogging got ripped to pieces – ok, that’s a bit overdramatic Julie – when riding my bike, I made the step to my good old skinny jeans again and so far, so good! Skinny jeans are obviously still less comfortable than a jogging, but I don’t suffer in them anymore since my skin got better (thanks Neoral!)

My brother & I on Easter – my skin looks great here (although I must admit I am wearing a little makeup)!

Even though I’m quite happy with Neoral, I can not wait until Dupilumab is approved in my country. My dermatologist estimates that it will be available in Belgium by the end of 2017. Neoral isn’t a long term medicine, but as long as my monthly blood tests are ok, I can keep using it until Dupilumab gets out. Hopefully this new “wonder” medicine would work just as well or even better. And I hope there won’t be side effects (maybe too much to ask?). Not that the side effects of Neoral are too bad. But I did put on a lot of weight ever since I’m on it…In the first six months of TSW, I weighed between 58 and 60 kg. Now, I weigh 73 kg! My normal weight (pre TSW) used to be around 65 kg. And my eating habits and physical activity haven’t really changed in my opinion. So I really think it’s not merely “normalisation” of my weight, and suspect Neoral is the main culprit. I even started to think I was pregnant or something, which – thank god – I’m not haha!

Now, as usual, some pictures of my skin this morning:


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